Co-Op City, New York
200 Baychester Avenue
Bronx, NY 10475

Everything NYC Needs to Know About the Upcoming Shopping Mall at Bay Plaza! May 30, 2014

Co-Op City, Bronx
Everything NYC Needs to Know About the Upcoming Shopping Mall at Bay Plaza!, Bronx, New York

When you stop and picture your favorite mall, what do you see? Brightly lit department stores. Your favorite clothing stores brimming with the latest trends. Large restaurants filled with friendly waitstaff and delicious food. A fashion mall for the ages. If you live in NYC, you probably feel that you’re missing out on the shopping center experience. But when The Mall at Bay Plaza opens its doors in August 2014, you won’t feel that way for long!

The Mall at Bay Plaza, swinging wide its beautiful doors late this summer, will welcome shoppers from the five boroughs into its spacious, air-conditioned space. The full-scale, suburban-style fashion mall—the city’s first in several decades—will sit comfortably in the Bronx, adding itself to the long list of prominent borough landmarks that have helped shape the Bronx into the cultural melting pot it is today.

Shoppers will be able to enjoy high-end, luxury retailers, as well as their favorite department stores; in fact, the fashion mall will usher in the city’s first brand-new Macy’s location in over 15 years. Concerned about hauling your treasures back to your apartment? Not a problem! The mall includes a parking garage that promises to hold up to 1,800 cars.

Soon to be the best, biggest, and most beloved shopping center in NYC, The Mall at Bay Plaza is still happily being constructed. To keep up to date with the latest news, and find out more about the mall’s finishing touches, visit the state-of-the-art shopping center online! For pictures, updates, and more, like the mall on Facebook. See you in August!

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