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Take Your Next Dinner Party up a Notch With a Little Wine Know-How July 6, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Take Your Next Dinner Party up a Notch With a Little Wine Know-How, Manhattan, New York

Wine is the single best ingredient for a successful dinner party, and if you live near the Upper West Side, Martin Brothers Wine & Spirits can help you select the perfect pairing for the meal.

Once the cork has been popped, wow your guests with your oenophilic ways by keeping your service simple and your conversation sparkling using the following tips:

  • Temperature counts: Be aware of temperature before you even open the bottle, and serve it at the proper temperature for optimal taste. Sparkling wine should be served between 40 and 50 degrees. Serve white wine between 52 and 59 degrees, and reds at 59 to 63 degrees. For reference, most standard refrigerators are set around 40 degrees, so any chilled wine should sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before it is served.
  • Basic glasses go a long way: Fancy glassware is pretty to look at, but won’t have much of an impact on your wine. Use a larger wine glass with a bigger bowl for red wines or heavier whites, a medium-bowled glass that narrows at the top for lighter reds and most whites, and flutes for sparkling wines.
  • Decanters are for the bold: Don’t look like a chump by decanting your Gamay. Decanting is intended to allow big, bold reds a chance to breathe, but other wines should be left well enough alone. 

When all of the guests have been served, get the conversation flowing with some little-known wine trivia:

  • The tradition of the toast began back in the Middle Ages, when poisoning was a popular way to dispatch with one’s enemies. The idea was to clink your glass with enough force to slosh some of the contents into the glass of your dining companion, either forcing him to cry uncle or risk going down with you. Some historians suspect this is also where the saying, “Drink to your health” originated.
  • Vatican City consumes more wine per person than anywhere in the world. Ceremonial Communion drinking is only part of the reason. Additionally, the majority of Vatican residents are older, educated men who frequently dine in large groups, all of which add up to an increased tendency to pop a cork, or several.
  • The language of wine may be primarily French, but the early Persians actually invented wine. The oldest known wine dates back to the Neolithic Period in Iran. Archaeologists have found pottery jars used for storing wine dating back to 5400 BC in the villages of the Zagros Mountains.

Need help picking that perfect bottle? Call Martin Brothers Wine & Spirits at (212) 222-8218.

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