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Sump Pump Failure. Ways to Avoid This. April 16, 2018

Spencerport, Monroe
Sump Pump Failure. Ways to Avoid This., Spencerport, New York

I would like to share with you a few helpful facts on the subject of sump pump failure and what you can do to prevent an incident.

Why do sump pumps fail:
1. Power Outage- I am sure we have all experienced this in WNY, either personally or claims from your friends and family members.
2. Incorrect size- Homeowners should always be sure to have a good quality sump pump that has enough Horse Power to handle the amount of ground water and run off that we experience in the is area on the country.
3. Improper Installation- Encourage your policy holders to have a licensed and reputable plumber install their household pump for proper operation.
4. Clogged or frozen discharge lines- just as water supply lines can freeze in sub zero conditions, so can discharge lines.  Inspect their discharge lines during periods of freezing temps.
5. Lack of maintenance- nobody wants to stick their hands in the sump basin, but a bi-annual inspection may save your policy holders a lot of money and despair
6. Product defect- this issue is more common than you think. Encourage your policy holders to buy reputable brand names from reputable stores.

7.Consider a back up sump pump. This is especially helpful if you have a high water table. A water based sump pump is also something to consider.

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