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4 Installations That Will Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Epic April 16, 2018

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4 Installations That Will Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Epic, Davidson, North Carolina

The best memories of summer are those spent on a sunny patio, grilling food for your friends and family. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect place to entertain your guests, and with the proper amenities, your backyard can be the hit of the whole neighborhood. Fortunately, The Grill Doctor in Mooresville, NC, are the professionals when it comes to building custom outdoor kitchens, so if you’re looking to take your backyard to the next level, consider these four amazing ideas.

What Every Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

1. A Grill

No backyard kitchen would be complete without a grill to cook up hamburgers, hot dogs, and other foods. Whether you’re looking for a cabinet grill that slides around on a cart or one that’s directly built into the patio, having a quality grill is the first step toward achieving your outdoor kitchen dreams.

2. A Fire Pit

A fire pit makes the perfect centerpiece for any custom outdoor kitchen. Not only is it ideal for grilling up steak, but it will also present a welcoming hangout spot for everybody to sit while they enjoy your wonderful patio and the warm weather. Try a gas log fire place that uses an efficient gas heater to maintain a cozy, fireplace flames.

3. A Sink

custom outdoor kitchensWho wants to have to leave the party to go wash dishes inside? With an outdoor sink installation, you can stay where the action is at all times, and you’ll even have an accessible place to wash foods before cooking them.

4. A Fridge

A backyard grilling session wouldn’t be complete without cold beverages. With an outdoor fridge, you’ll be serving up drinks in style, and ensuring that no one needs to get up to go inside if they’re looking for a refreshment.

With these amenities, your backyard will be a premier destination for summer get-togethers, and The Grill Doctor is here to help you with whatever kind of outdoor kitchen project you want to tackle. Not only do they build custom outdoor kitchens from the ground up, but The Grill Doctor will also help maintain and repair any outdoor kitchen appliances over time, so that they’re always working in peak condition. If you are interested in what they can do for you, visit their website or give them a call at (704) 799-6429.