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3 Inspiring Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 April 19, 2018

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3 Inspiring Kitchen Design Trends for 2018, Murrysville, Pennsylvania

You deserve to walk into a kitchen that makes you smile. Whether you’re fully renovating your home or simply refreshing your space, the latest kitchen design trends for 2018 encourage function, personality, and beauty. Here’s a brief look at a few notable trends homeowners should know about.

3 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

1. Bold Colors

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If you’ve grown tired of the neutral, minimalist aesthetic, you’ll love this kitchen design trend: Cabinetry and countertops are getting bold, colorful upgrades in 2018. Blues, greens, and even ultra-violet are appearing in new home designs as complementary colors or dominant shades. The result is an intriguing, eye-catching, and elegant kitchen space that feels as unique as you are.

2. Material Blocking

Material blocking offers the ultimate combination of textures and visual intrigue. This trend incorporates blocks of different materials, such as wooden cabinets, a smooth backsplash, and chunky tile. It’s an easy way to play with unexpected colors and materials, especially if you don’t want to settle on just one style.

3. Contrasts

Monochromatic spaces may look sleek, but kitchen design in 2018 is all about contrast. Mixing and matching different colors can create beautiful dimension in your kitchen. Experiment with a darker tone on your base walls or cabinets, and contrast the upper cabinets or walls with a lighter color to draw the eye upward. Even something simple, like a contrasting kitchen island, can create a cohesive space with a pop of personality.


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