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Heating Oil vs. Propane April 18, 2018

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Heating Oil vs. Propane, Ledyard, Connecticut

When you’re seeking fuel for your home heating system, you will decide between two main sources: heating oil and propane. Ask which is best, however, and you’ll receive an array of opinions. Each household has distinct preferences based on their unique lifestyle, budget, and heating needs. Since there’s more to fuel than just price, Andersen Oil Company, in Ledyard, CT, is sharing the virtues of each. As the area’s leader in home oil delivery, these experts provide customers with easy, affordable delivery and offer a helpful comparison to help choose the right fuel for your home’s oil furnace.

Heating Oil

All oil products stem from petroleum with different methods of refinement. The same applies to heating oil; it’s much different than diesel or gasoline, which makes it usable within your home heating system. Amongst these oils, the residential type is considered mid-weight — heavier than diesel, but lighter than power plant oil. 

While your oil furnace runs much differently than a vehicle powered by gasoline, it still holds the traits of rapid acceleration and optimal fuel efficiency, making it a go-to fuel for homeowners across the country. It’s also cost-efficient and explicitly formulated to power furnaces at an adept ability and affordable price. It’s converted from fuel to heat at a rate between 80 and 90 percent.


propaneWhile oil is a liquid, propane is extracted from natural gas. Methane, butane, ethane, pentane, and propane make up this mixture, which is processed prior to powering your home heating system or stove. It operates at optimum efficiency, keeping homes warm at a rate between 89 and 98 percent. Generally, propane is cheaper than heating oil, but prices vary based on the season and the supply available. The good news is that it’s always readily available, with a steady supply located directly in the U.S. Since 90 percent of propane is produced inside the country, and it’s transformed into a liquid and transported in large containers, it’s easy to move from one heating source to another.


While choosing between heating oil and propane is up to you, when you need home oil delivery, rely on Andersen Oil Company. With fuel service driven by temperature, you’ll receive each delivery promptly, so your residence never runs out of heat. The company even offers a Price Cap 10-Month Budget Plan to help divide heating costs, and a prepaid fixed price that protects your contract no matter how the market fluctuates. Visit the website to learn more, or call (860) 464-7628 to schedule your free consultation today!

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