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How Auto Insurance Plans Change When Teens Start Driving April 17, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
How Auto Insurance Plans Change When Teens Start Driving, Lincoln, Nebraska

One of the most anticipated milestones for teenagers is learning how to drive. For parents, this life change can be a bittersweet mix of excitement and anxiety. What can offer peace of mind is adding the new drivers to the parent's existing auto insurance policy. Watts Insurance Group in Lincoln, NE, continues to assure moms and dads who need to update their coverage to include teen drivers. The family-owned independent agency shares several changes that typically occur during this policy update.

Auto Insurance Changes for Teen Drivers

Rate Changes

Depending on the policy, a parent's current auto insurance premiums may change. Because some carriers consider teens to be riskier drivers, parents could see an increase in their premium payments. The higher amount is typically assessed to cover accidents and other damages that, unfortunately, are more likely to occur due to novice drivers.

Required Coverage Updates

auto insuranceMost auto insurance providers require parents to add teen drivers to their existing policies. In some states, drivers with a learner's permit may not need to be added. However, they are still required to have a licensed driver as the passenger when driving. To be 100% sure, check with your insurance carrier about what the rules are for drivers with learner's permits.

Discounted Payment Choices

Another policy change when adding teen drivers involves college attendance. Parents may be eligible for discounted rates if their child is away at college and is not using a vehicle there. Other discounts to reduce premium payments include successfully passing an approved driver's safety course. Parents with more than one insurance policy with the same carrier may be eligible for additional discounts.

If your teenager is learning to drive or has recently earned their license, let the experienced team at Watts Insurance Group help you secure coverage to protect them on the road. As an independent agency, the locally owned firm has access to some of the nation's leading auto insurance providers. The agents will work on your behalf to get you the most affordable and reliable coverage. To get started, call (402) 261-3999 for free rate quotes. Visit the website for information on a wide range of policy options.

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