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Having a Garage Sale? Consult a Pawnbroker First! April 24, 2018

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Having a Garage Sale? Consult a Pawnbroker First!, Lincoln, Nebraska

Selling your used electronics, jewelry, and other old belongings at a garage sale is a convenient way to downsize your space. However, it’s not always the most effective method of making money. Before you head straight to your front yard, consult your local pawnbroker first. The experts from Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE, will give you a fair price for your item on the spot. When it comes to big-ticket items, the reliable pawn shop will likely offer more than the average passerby.

Why You Should Head to the Pawnbroker Before Having a Garage Sale

Value Assurance

Most consumers don’t have any idea how much used electronics or furniture are really worth — let alone gold, silver, and diamonds. Regardless of the true value of the item, they will attempt to barter the lowest deal possible. Since many people frequent garage sales looking for major steals, they may pass up higher value items altogether.

Furthermore, for the consumer, buying something costly at a garage sale can feel risky. Meanwhile, when they head to a pawnbroker, they know a professional has appraised the item. They also can view other items at the shop to compare prices, which helps people feel more confident in their decision.  

Unreliable Traffic

pawnbrokerIf you hope to make some cash off your items, you need a steady stream of traffic to survey your belongings. Unfortunately, however, you never really know who will show up to your garage sale. If the weather turns sour or you live in an area with low street traffic, you may only have a few people look over your items in a number of hours. If your initial sale is unsuccessful, you may need to prolong it for another day to reap additional funds. 

Meanwhile, when you head to the pawn shop, there’s no sitting around required. The pawnbroker will closely examine your item and determine its value quickly, allowing you to leave with cash in hand in minutes. Afterward, the pawnbroker will take care of the hard work of reselling the product. 

To reap the most value for your belongings, head to Lincoln’s trusted pawnbroker before your next garage sale. The friendly team from Moore Pawn & Furniture will exchange your used furniture, jewelry, and other items for cash. They also offer cash loans up to $50,000 and payday advances. To learn more, visit the business online and call today at (402) 477-5116.

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