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Your Guide to Business Insurance Types April 18, 2018

Spencerport, Monroe
Your Guide to Business Insurance Types, Spencerport, New York

If you’re a business owner, you need the right insurance to protect you against lawsuits and other worst-case scenarios. There are a few different types, and it’s crucial to choose the correct one, says Jan Parisi Agency Inc. The team specializes in providing its Spencerport, NY, clients with the best products on the market. Below, their qualified agents outline a few common types of business insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, this type of coverage protects business owners from lawsuits related to a failure to perform or negligence. Specifically, if a client claims you made a mistake or did not deliver the services promised and wants to take action, this policy will help. It’s often recommended for people who are experts in their field, such as doctors and lawyers.

Worker’s Compensation

business insuranceIf your business has employees, it is imperative to purchase a worker’s compensation policy. This covers medical treatments in the event a team member is injured on the job. If staff members use these benefits, they also agree not to sue you for the incident.  

Property Insurance

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or run a company from home, it’s crucial to maintain a property insurance policy. This type of coverage protects your business from issues like theft, vandalism, and fire. In addition, any furniture, computers, and other business items will be covered. 

When you run a business, you need to be properly covered. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jan Parisi Agency Inc. offers a wide range of products to Spencerport-area customers. They’ll work with you to find the right business insurance and ensure you continue to succeed. Call them today at (585) 349-3592 or visit their website for more information. 

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