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3 After Care Tips for Tooth Extractions April 17, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 After Care Tips for Tooth Extractions, Lincoln, Nebraska

Tooth extractions are occasionally necessary in cases of advanced tooth decay and periodontal disease, and with overcrowding. If your dentist recommends that you receive this treatment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Because many people are unsure about how to take care of the extraction site after the procedure, oral surgeon Dr. Andrew Glenn in Lincoln, NE, is here to help. Follow the tips below to ensure your mouth heals quickly and fully. 

How to Care for Your Mouth After Tooth Extractions

1. Minimize Bleeding & Swelling

Right after surgery, your dentist or surgeon will likely place a gauze pad at the extraction site for your ride home.  After you’re home and settled in, remove the gauze and aim NOT to replace it, as repetitive usage will often cause more bleeding.  A little rinsing over the sink for expected oozing will typically suffice.  If advised, you can also apply an ice bag to the outside of your face near the area, off and on every 30 minutes or so, as this may help reduce swelling. When you rest or sleep at night, try to keep your head elevated, as this may also prevent swelling.

2. Relax

The day of surgery you should ideally do things that don’t require too much exertion, as this can elevate your blood pressure and lead to increased bleeding.

tooth extraction3. Eat & Drink Carefully

Finally, you should avoid foods that are too crunchy or hard. Instead, stick to a diet of soft foods like soups, yogurt, and applesauce. After about a day, you can begin to gradually and carefully reintroduce solid foods to your diet.  Stay well hydrated, and the use of a straw should NOT cause any harm!

Knowing how to take care of your mouth after a tooth extraction can promote more efficient healing. When you need oral surgery, reach out to Dr. Glenn. Serving the Lincoln area for the last 12 years, this oral surgeon and his team have created an environment to make the experience as comfortable as possible. They’ll always make sure you’re prepared emotionally, physically, and financially for every appointment. If you have any questions, give them a call today at (402) 421-3401. You can also find more information online

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