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An Electrician Explains Why You Should Never Touch an Exposed Wire April 16, 2018

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An Electrician Explains Why You Should Never Touch an Exposed Wire, Ashland, Kentucky

After enough aging or wear and tear, a wire’s protective sheath may fray, exposing the raw strand. While DIYers may be tempted to examine the wire, it is extremely dangerous to touch it. Here, respected electrician Mueller Electric in Ashland, KY, explains why you should always call a professional.

An Electrician’s Guide to Exposed Wires

What Would Happen if You Touched One?

If you touch an exposed wire that happens to have a current running though it, there are a variety of negative physical symptoms that can occur. You may receive severe burns, which can leave scars as well as lingering discomfort. You’ll be in contact with vastly more electricity than your body is equipped to handle, bringing pain. Even more frighteningly, the shock can affect the rhythm of your heart, leading to death if you aren’t able to let go in time.  

What Is the Science Behind It?

electricianElectricity flows through circuits. When you hit a switch, it closes the circuit, stopping the current from moving, but when you hit it again, the pathway will be open once more. For you to be vulnerable to the charge, there needs to be a point of contact (where you touch the wire) and an exit point (the ground). People often observe birds perching on wires and flying away unscathed, but that’s only because they are not in contact with the ground (there’s no exit point).

What Should You Do if You Spot Fraying Wires?

When you detect frayed wires, it means something is putting extra strength on the connections in your house. It’s a good idea to schedule an official electrical inspection to find out the cause and patch up the exposed wire. A technician will investigate your home to look for other damaged wires and fix the source of the problem. They will also review basic safety practices so you can avoid injuries. 

If you find exposed wires in your home, reach out to an electrician at Mueller Electric immediately. The professionals will arrive swiftly to perform the necessary repairs. To make an appointment, call (606) 325-0275. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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