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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Massage Schedule March 20, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Massage Schedule, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you’re looking for treatment for a recent injury or long-term health condition, or you’re simply looking for ways to relax, massages offer a wide range of benefits. They reduce pain, relieve stress, and promote full-body wellness—especially if you schedule regular visits. How often you should get a massage varies by circumstance, so here are a few pointers for creating a schedule that’s right for you.

How Often You Should See a Massage Therapist

1. General Wellness

No matter how healthy you are, massages will give you a little wellness boost. They help calm the nervous system, increases circulation, release toxins from the tissues so they can be eliminated from the body, and boost your immune response. By scheduling an appointment every month or two, you will make these benefits a regular part of your life to keep your health in top-quality condition.

2. Athletes

If you want the best results from training your body, follow up your workouts with frequent massages. Doing this will relax and elongate your muscles, giving you greater flexibility and helping to prevent injuries. It also helps the muscles heal after a difficult workout, which makes them stronger.

3. Pain Management

MassageIf you have a chronic condition which causes long-term pain, the muscle relaxation and endorphin release of a massage will manage the discomfort. Start with a high-frequency schedule to break the cycle of chronic pain, and then decrease the frequency over time as the symptoms lessen.

3. Injury Recovery

Similarly, after a surgery or serious injury, schedule frequent massages to begin with, decreasing them over time as your body heals. Make sure your doctor is aware of your massage treatments, and follow any guidelines you’re given—for instance, skipping deep-tissue massages if they will exacerbate the injury.

5. Acute Stress Relief

Patients who are going through particularly difficult times may need a little extra care. If you’re experiencing something stressful, such as a divorce, trouble at work, or the loss of a loved one, schedule a massage every week or two to help with anxiety and insomnia.


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