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4 Pros & Cons of Used & New Tuck Parts March 13, 2018

Hobbs, Lea
4 Pros & Cons of Used & New Tuck Parts, Hobbs, New Mexico

If your vehicle is in need of repairs, you’ll have to choose between used and new truck parts. In most cases, either option will work, but each choice has pros and cons that will influence your decision. Here is an outline of the major factors to consider before you choose your source.


1. New Parts Have a Longer Life Span

When a used part comes to you, it has already experienced some amount of wear and tear. Sometimes this is only a small difference, but if you want to be absolutely sure you can rely on a part for years to come, you want to buy new.

2. Used Truck Parts Are Less Expensive

Truck PartsThe most obvious difference between used and new options is that used parts are less expensive. The exact cost varies depending on where you go shopping, but a local salvage yard is likely to have most of what you need at a steep discount from buying new.


1. New Truck Parts Take Longer to Obtain

In many cases, if you order a new part, it will need to be shipped to your location, a process that can significantly extend your auto repairs. When you choose used parts, they’re more likely to be “on the shelf” and ready to install immediately.

2. Used Truck Parts Aren’t Guaranteed to Fit

If you choose used parts to repair your vehicle, it’s usually less a question of what exact part you need and more a question of what’s good enough. But when you order new parts, you can be sure you’re getting exactly the specifications the manufacturer intended.


Based in Lea County, NM, Hobbs Spring & Suspension is the area’s most trusted provider of truck parts and repairs. Whether you need a quick tuneup or a major repair, drop in to see their extensive selection of used and new parts kept on site for your convenience. For questions, call them today at (575) 393-3051 or send them a message online.

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