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3 Key Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy for Injury-Related Pain March 5, 2018

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3 Key Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy for Injury-Related Pain , Groton, Connecticut

For over 50 years, physical therapists have been using ultrasound therapy as an effective method to relieve pain and heal injuries of all kinds. The technology functions via ultrasonic waves pulsating at a high frequency, which are inaudible to the human ear. As the waves move over the injury site, energy transmits into the tissues, creating heat via friction and facilitating healing. There are many benefits to this procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy for Pain & Healing?

1. Deep Heating & Stretching

Ultrasound therapy works to generate heat deep into the skin and even the muscles. The therapist can thus apply targeted heat to ease tension in specific muscles or joints. This procedure aids in the stretching and flexibility of the joint and can also combat muscle spasms.

2. Tissue Healing

painUltrasound therapy technology helps damaged tissue heal more quickly. The treatment promotes the production of collagen as well as blood flow, which aids in the repair of muscles and skin tissue. By improving the conditions of the blood cells, it can even prevent scar tissue from forming.

3. Pain Reduction

Ultrasound therapy helps reduce muscle spasms, eases muscle and joint tension and tightness, and aids in healing. Many patients experience a significant reduction in pain or discomfort following an ultrasound procedure. Whether due to a sports injury or chronic pain, ultrasound therapy helps diminish symptoms stemming from a variety of conditions.


If you are dealing with pain due to an injury or another condition, ultrasound therapy may be able to provide the relief you need. To learn more about the procedure, consult the experienced team of chiropractors and physical therapists from Advanced Back and Neck Care Center in Groton, CT. To learn more about how the team will support you, call a friendly professional today at (860) 488-2225. You may also visit the practice online.

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