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Drain Service Shares 3 Steps to Take if Your House Floods March 13, 2018

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Drain Service Shares 3 Steps to Take if Your House Floods, Watertown, Connecticut

When their home floods, most people understandably panic. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stop the damage in its tracks. As Watertown, CT’s premier drain serviceAmerican Rooter will tackle all your septic and sewer needs, from drain repairs to sewer cleaning, helping to prevent backups. Here, the experts list three steps to take immediately after a flood. 

Drain Service Explains What to Do After a Flood

1. Stay Safe

If the flood is severe, you may have to evacuate. Either way, turn off the power to avoid electricity issues. Since floodwater contains a variety of debris and bacteria, dress properly until a drain service can reach you. Essential protective clothing items include boots, gloves, and goggles. You should try not to touch the liquid, but these will help you stay safe if you do. If the water has come into contact with any food, throw it away. Wash any dishes and thoroughly clean off all surfaces. 

2. Take Photos

drain serviceDocument the damage as closely as possible; this enables your insurance company to evaluate the disaster and determine the value of the claim. While wearing protective gear, capture close-up images of any property or structural damage. Take pictures before and after the water removal work for a complete overview. 

3. Call the Insurance Company

Homeowners insurance coverage varies by policy, but if you live in a flood zone, most companies will cover this issue. Even if you’re not sure what the policy includes, you should always call the insurance company anyway. It’s crucial to get the process started immediately because they will send an adjuster to view the site before any water removal work begins. 

If you need drain repairs or other plumbing services after a flood in Connecticut or Rhode Island, turn to American Rooter. For nearly 40 years, this drain service has helped their customers keep their pipes clear and their homes and businesses safe. Visit the website to learn more, or call (860) 274-7338 to schedule your appointment today.

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