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What’s Included in an Annual Physical Exam? February 27, 2018

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What’s Included in an Annual Physical Exam?, Lexington, North Carolina

Most people only go to the doctor when they're sick, but true medical care is about prevention. This is why a physical exam is recommended each year. However, many people don’t know what they entail, and the staff at Lexington Family Physicians in Lexington, NC, want to explain. By knowing what to expect, you’ll understand the necessity of a physical exam and the benefits it will provide for your health.

What’s the Purpose of a Physical Exam? 

The goal of a physical exam is to check your overall health to ensure there aren’t any issues or risk factors. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive, full-body exam to ensure everything is in working order and may also focus on specific areas if you have a predisposition to health issues or any pre-existing conditions.

What’s Included in a Physical Exam?

physical-exam-lexington-family-physiciansTo begin, your doctor will want a complete update on your health. You’ll need to tell them about anything you’ve experienced, including minor illnesses, as well as any procedures or medical treatments you’ve had since your last physical exam. If it’s your first time, have your medical records ready, as the doctor needs a full understanding of your health.

Next, the doctor will conduct a physical and visual exam of your vitals. They’ll check your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing. Then, they’ll give a head-to-toe examination to look for any visual signs of health issues. This usually includes a nervous system check to make sure there aren’t any functional problems. They’ll also check your motor skills and reflexes to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary. They may also recommend receiving blood work, depending on the health issues you’re dealing with.

It’s important to schedule an annual physical exam, so turn to Lexington Family Physicians for your health care needs. They offer a variety of services ranging from preventative medicine to gynecology and are committed to helping patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Call (336) 249-3329 to schedule a physical exam, and visit the website and Facebook page to learn more about their practice.

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