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3 Options for Storing Your Loved One's Remains March 2, 2018

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3 Options for Storing Your Loved One's Remains, Morehead, Kentucky

When a loved one passes away, you have several important decisions to make. One of them involves choosing where to keep their remains. You may opt for cremation, which allows you to keep the remains in an urn or scatter them over a special place; ground burial services, the most traditional option; and interring the remains in a mausoleum. At Northcutt & Son Home For Funerals in Morehead, KY, they’ve helped families make these decisions since 1976, both when pre-planning a service and when making last-minute choices after a sudden passing. Here, they share a brief guide to help you understand your options.

How Can You Store a Loved One’s Remains?

1. Burial

The most traditional option, burials involve selecting a casket for the body and storing it underground in a plot of land. This option is ideal if you wish to visit your loved one at the cemetery from time to time, or if you already have an existing burial plot for your family.

2. Cremation

Cremation-Morehead-KYThis option involves burning the body. It’s often chosen because it doesn’t take up extra space for the coffin, and the process uses fewer harmful chemicals than burials. The remains are kept in a cremation urn, which you can store in a special place or use to scatter the ashes according to your loved one’s wishes.

3. Mausoleum

Many cemeteries have small buildings for above-ground body storage. Although private mausoleums can be prohibitively expensive for some families, it’s now common for cemeteries to offer structures that multiple families can share.

If you’re having trouble deciding between cremation, burial, or mausoleum storage, get in touch with the professionals at Northcutt & Son Home For Funerals, serving Rowan County for four decades and counting. In addition to these funeral services, they also offer permanent memorials that will serve as a lasting tribute to your dearly departed. Visit them online for an overview of their pre-planning services, or call (606) 784-6491 today.

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