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3 Effective Tips for Selling Your Used Car February 23, 2018

Parkland, Tacoma
3 Effective Tips for Selling Your Used Car, Tacoma, Washington

To get the best price for your used car, you need some industry knowledge and legwork. The more you know about the process and the market, the higher chance you’ll have of getting a high value. Here is a guide to getting a deal for your used car. 

What to Do to Sell Your Used Car 

1. Do Your Research

Selling your vehicle without understanding the market will cause you to earn way less than you otherwise would. A good starting point is browsing online marketplaces and observing typical price ranges for your type of car. Then, take some time and reflect on whether the likely profit is worth your time or if you want to hold onto the vehicle for longer. See if this car sells better at a particular time of year as well.

2. Gather Records

used carNext, get all your legal records in place. The most important document is the title, which you’ll need to sign over to the new owner. It’s also helpful to have any maintenance records on hand as a testament that the car hasn’t gone through too many major repairs. Also, obtain a liability release, so you aren’t responsible for anything that happens to the car after the sale is complete. 

3. Make a Price Chart

Now that you’re ready to look for a deal, dive deeper into researching the prices of similar cars. Kelley Blue Book is a useful resource to find the median price. Then, set a minimum price that you won’t go below. Establishing a reasonable starting number will help you find potential buyers. In the heat of negotiations, it’s good to have these firm lines; make sure you don’t get confused and settle for a deal you don’t want. 


In Tacoma, WA, locals trust Auto Destination for the fairest car sales. As a major player in the market for used cars, they are a top resource whether you’re thinking about buying or selling your vehicle. To start the process, call (253) 251-2555. Learn more about the car dealership by visiting their website

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