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If you are looking for a comprehensive learning program that gives students the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom for years to come, look no further than the JEI Learning Center in San Jose. Our highly trained instructors will analyze your child's strength and weaknesses and create a customized plan to help them succeed. For more information, visit us today at 2847 S. White Road!

Why Confidence Is Crucial for Kids to Excel at Their Studies February 13, 2018

Why Confidence Is Crucial for Kids to Excel at Their Studies, ,

When learning a new subject, it can be easy for young students to get discouraged when they don’t grasp the curriculum right from the start. According to the learning center educators at JEI Learning Center of South San Jose in California, confidence is a crucial part of succeeding in the classroom. When confident, kids bounce back faster when they get answers wrong. This way, they will improve faster and stay on track with their studies. 

Learning Center Pros Explain Why Confidence-Building Helps Kids with Their Studies

Kids Progress Quicker in Their Courses 

With a confidence boost, children will quickly grasp one area of study so they can move on to the next topic. When all children are confident with their work, the entire classroom will benefit. Teachers will be able to move forward smoothly with their lesson plans, and kids will have more time to retain knowledge to get better test scores.  

Students Enjoy Going to Class 

learning centerIf a child is insecure, the thought of going to certain classes could fill them with dread. Being called on by the teacher could make kids nervous, especially when they’re not sure they’ll answer the question correctly in front of peers. With confidence, kids will find the entire experience of learning in a group setting more enjoyable. 

Children Will Succeed Later in Life 

When children build their confidence in the classroom early, it will follow them later in life. They will learn effective strategies to retain knowledge, which will help them stay on track in a college atmosphere later—when students can’t rely on their parents to tell them to do their homework. 

If you’re looking for effective ways to improve your child’s math scores or reading and writing comprehension, the educators at JEI Learning Center of South San Jose are happy to assist. The learning center is praised by parents for providing programs that build on what kids learn at school and for fostering confidence in California students to help them succeed. To learn more about available problem-solving, math, and reading programs for kids, call (408) 270-6162 to speak with a team member, or visit the learning center online for details. Don't forget to like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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