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If you are looking for a comprehensive learning program that gives students the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom for years to come, look no further than the JEI Learning Center in San Jose. Our highly trained instructors will analyze your child's strength and weaknesses and create a customized plan to help them succeed. For more information, visit us today at 2847 S. White Road!

Home Proud Parents Praise JEI Learning Center of South San Jose/Math & English Program February 8, 2018

Home Proud Parents Praise JEI Learning Center of South San Jose/Math & English Program, ,

Finding the right after school program for your child can be quite the task. Not only do you want your child to benefit from academic enrichment, but you also want him or her to feel comfortable exploring a variety of subjects. At JEI Learning Center in South San Jose, CA, children of all ages and aptitudes are welcome to develop their skills and pursue their academic interests.

JEI Learning Center specializes in helping kids get up to speed on subjects like math, reading and writing. These services can be particularly useful for children transitioning from one environment to another, like Sheila M's son: 

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Sheila M: "My son moved from a private school to a public school. I was looking for an after school math enrichment program that would keep him academically challenged and enrich his learning. That’s when I found JEI. JEI is a well-rounded, well balanced program and my son really likes it. JEI has definitely inspired my son to be academically strong and, at the same time, has strengthened his core learning values." 

In addition to their focus on academic learning, JEI also strives to elicit community values and teamwork ethics from their students. Biafra Gnoticed a dramatic difference in both her son's academic achievements and his social outlook: 

Biafra G: "Before my son got here, he was not able to read and he wasn’t doing any type of math sums….Since being involved with JEI, my son is now reading, he’s doing math sums, he’s able to spell his first and last names and write them clearly….When he got to this school, all the children were helping him because he struggled so much. Now after doing JEI, I’m happy and proud to say that my son is able to extend that same helpfulness." 

To learn more about how the after school programs at JEI Learning Center in South San Jose can be beneficial to your child, be sure to give them a call at (408) 270-6162 or visit them online. The tutors and students at JEI Learning Center look forward to welcoming your child to class today. 

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