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What Are the Most Common Types of Drainage Systems? January 29, 2018

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What Are the Most Common Types of Drainage Systems?, Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s important to prevent excessive water collection near your home’s foundation. At the same time, you need a robust irrigation system that keeps your grass and other landscaping lush. The following types of drainage systems can be used in combination with irrigation systems and will help direct water to the proper areas of your yard.

3 Most Common Types of Drainage Systems

1. Swales

Swales are commonly used to carry surface drainage to a ditch or municipal drain. A swale is a low or space where the water is allowed to collect. This is achieved by sloping the yard away from the home towards the swale. The slope is gradual enough so it’s not always noticeable, and the swale can cover a larger area for an even distribution of excess water.

2. Bog Areas

irrigationIf your property has areas that are prone to standing water, it’s a good idea to plan for it with proper landscaping. Certain plants are ideally suited to thriving in a moist environment, for example Ahuawa, Neke Fern, and Uki. By adding some of these in your wet areas, you can create a bog area in your yard, which is an area that tends to stay moist.

3. French Drain

French drains are the most popular option for diverting water from an area. It involves installing a pipe that slopes away from the property after excavating a trench. The trench is filled again with gravel. Any standing water will escape through the drain system away from the yard. While they’re used to divert water from building structure, French drains can also be used to distribute water, such as in a septic field.


To protect your home from standing water and keep your yard beautiful, it’s important to install the right drainage and irrigation system. The experts at Personal Touch Landscape can help you turn your yard into a beautiful oasis by setting up lawn sprinklers and taking over lawn maintenance for you. This company has been providing the best services for their clients in Honolulu, HI, since 1979. Their staff is expertly trained and committed to going above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations. For more information about how they can help, visit the website. To talk to a lawn care expert, call (808) 623-8481.

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