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3 Benefits of a Professional Teeth Cleaning February 1, 2018

Kipling, Northeast Jefferson
3 Benefits of a Professional Teeth Cleaning, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

While regular brushing and flossing at home can keep your teeth clean and healthy, there are some things you simply cannot accomplish outside of a dentist office. Regular professional teeth cleanings are the only way to truly clear all bacteria and debris, according to the staff at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge, CO. These visits address the unseen oral health issues in your mouth and ultimately prevent serious issues from occurring in the future. It’s the ideal way to preserve your oral health, but more benefits are outlined below.

3 Benefits of Having Your Teeth Cleaned by a Dentist

1. Remove Unseen Plaque

Despite your best efforts with home dental care, plaque will inevitably build up in hard-to-reach areas, especially your gum line. Removing it requires experience and care, which is what a professional provides during a teeth cleaning. Visiting your dentist twice a year reduces the harmful plaque and bacteria that lead to decay and gum disease and promotes a healthy mouth.

2. Whiten

teeth cleaningSurface-level stains can tarnish your smile, but luckily, they’re easy to resolve. Rather than using at-home whitening kits, a basic teeth cleaning can remove most discolorations. This will ensure you not only walk out with a healthier smile, but also your teeth will retain their natural color.

3. Prevention

While it may seem like teeth cleaning fixes a problem, its main purpose is to prevent them. During these cleanings, your dentist is also looking for signs of common health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. When left to advance, these conditions can have serious consequences, and a teeth cleaning is your only chance to receive preventative care. By allowing your dentist to handle this, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also ensure that your smile remains healthy.

If you’re ready to schedule your next teeth cleaning, turn to the professionals at Applewood Dental. They offer comprehensive dental care services and are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients. Call (303) 237-2707 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their services. For updates and tips, follow them on Facebook.

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