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Denver Nutritionists Debunk the Top 3 Myths About Aging January 30, 2018

Kipling, Northeast Jefferson
Denver Nutritionists Debunk the Top 3 Myths About Aging, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

Many people fear aging because they feel their bodies and mental health are going to decline. However, these are common misconceptions, according to the nutritionists and weight loss professionals at Fit MD in Wheat Ridge, CO. You have a significant amount of control over how you age, and there are steps you can take to overcome your worries and live your best life. 

Common Misconceptions About Aging

1. You’ll Get Depressed & Lonely

Depression and loneliness are most often linked to poor lifestyle choices. Many people experience this as they age because they fail to interact with people as often. However, this is easily remedied. Going to the park or community events is a great way to meet others and socialize. Being in the fresh air will also boost your mood. Moreover, diet and exercise are overlooked factors that affect how you feel.

2. You’ll Gain Weight

nutritionistsMany people do gain weight as they age, but it isn’t inevitable. Weight gain is linked to poor diet and a lack of exercise, both of which are common among older adults and seniors. However, there are many ways to shed those extra pounds, even if you suffer from pain that makes heavy exercise difficult. A nutritionist can offer some guidance about diet choices and tips to add low-impact activity to your daily schedule. These will keep you thin and also lower the risks for serious medical conditions.

3. Your Health Will Decline

A rapid decline in health is often due to a sedentary lifestyle, not genetics. Cardiovascular disease, for example, isn’t a product of aging—it’s the result of poor lifestyle choices. You can combat this and many other age-related diseases and illnesses through your diet and exercise. In some cases, you may find yourself healthier than people who are younger than you. It’s all a matter of how you decide to care for yourself.

For more health advice, turn to the nutritionists and weight management team at Fit MD. They offer a variety of weight treatment services alongside specialized anti-aging offerings and are dedicated to ensuring patients achieve optimal health. Call (602) 777-2636 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their weight loss clinic.

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