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3 Tips for Proper Hardwood Floor Cleaning January 18, 2018

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3 Tips for Proper Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Waldoboro, Maine

Keeping your hardwood floors in great shape for years requires understanding proper hardwood floor cleaning methods. At Superior Cleaning in Waldoboro, ME, they want their clients to understand what steps they can take to preserve their hardwood. While you’ll get the best results from hiring professionals, it’s still important to know what you can do on your own to maintain your floors. That’s why they’d like to share the following key tips.

3 Essential Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

1. Know What Not to Use

Hardwood-Floor-Cleaning-Waldoboro-METhere are many popular cleaning products that can actually damage hardwood floors. They include vinegar, abrasive chemicals and soaps, anything that contains ammonia, bleach, furniture wax or cleaners, and oil-based soaps. In other words, just because something’s a good carpet cleaning product, that doesn’t mean it should be applied to hardwood. Applying these products to hardwood floors could remove the finish. 

The right cleaning product for your floor will depend on what type of finish you have. Ask an expert to recommend the best product for your needs.

2. Clean Up Water Fast

Don’t use a lot of water to clean up anything on a hardwood floor. If you need to mop up a stain or spill, make sure the mop is made with soft felt or cloth, and wring it out well, so there’s very little moisture. After you’re done cleaning, dry up any moist sections quickly; otherwise, your hardwood may warp.

3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner With the Right Head

While it’s important to vacuum your hardwood on a regular basis, you need to use a vacuum cleaner with a felt or brush head. If you use one without this attachment, you may end up denting your floors.

Again, for the cleanest floors, it helps to schedule a service with hardwood floor cleaning and buffing professionals. The team at Superior Cleaning in Waldoboro, ME, will make sure your hardwood is thoroughly cleaned and buffed if desired to restore your floors natural shine, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about protecting it in the future. Contact them online to schedule service, or call (207) 522-1419 to learn more.

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