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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home With Hardware Supplies January 18, 2018

Carthage, Cincinnati
3 Quick & Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home With Hardware Supplies, Cincinnati, Ohio

Getting ready for winter takes more than pulling out the sweaters and fuzzy socks. Winterizing your home can help keep things nice and toasty during the bitter cold and save you money. A few basic hardware supplies are what you need to get your home ready for the winter months.

How to Winterize Your Home

1. Seal Drafts

Any gap in your home, no matter how small, can allow precious warm air to escape, or worse yet, invite the cold air in. When this happens, your furnace works overtime to maintain a constant temperature, ultimately causing your energy bill to skyrocket. Use caulk or weather stripping around the window frames. Also, install draft stoppers on the exterior doors. You can even buy a window insulation kit to seal the entire window. 

2. Protect the Pipes

Hardware suppliesThey might be out of sight, but the pipes definitely shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to winterizing your home. When the temperature drops, your pipes are susceptible to freezing, and they could ultimately burst and land you an expensive repair bill. Insulate your plumbing to protect it from the elements. You can find pre-slit foam at most hardware supplies stores.

3. Add More Insulation

Insulation is the most effective method for trapping warm air inside your home and keeping your energy costs down. Choose insulation with a high R-value rating. The higher the rating, the better the insulation qualities. Key areas to tackle include the attic and basement ceiling.


Tackling a few steps to winterize your home will help you maintain a comfortable temperature and save you a few dollars. To find all the hardware supplies you need for these projects, stop by Burkhardt Pro Hardware in Cincinnati, OH. They have a wide selection of supplies, and their friendly staff can offer advice on any home improvement project. Call them at (513) 821-3475 or like them on Facebook for more information.

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