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Before You Start Splitting Wood, Learn How to Season It January 15, 2018

West Bridgewater, Plymouth
Before You Start Splitting Wood, Learn How to Season It, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

You’ve cut down a tree, started splitting wood, and are ready to face the cold weather next to the roaring flames night after night. While splitting your own firewood is both rewarding and challenging, before you can use it to light a fire, you’ll need to ensure the logs are properly seasoned. The team at SuperSplitter in West Bridgewater, MA, offers the following guide to show you how. 

What to Do After Splitting Wood

Splitting WoodWhile you can start seasoning wood in the winter, it’s best to start in the summer. This way, you’ll have a few months of warm weather for the moisture to evaporate before using your fireplace. Remember, burning green, unseasoned wood makes fires smoky and difficult to light—even with the proper fire-starting materials.

When you first cut down a tree and start splitting wood, the wood will still have a high moisture content. Even if you’re harvesting wood from a dead or fallen tree, the trunk will consist of as much as 50% moisture. As a result, the logs won’t burn well in the fireplace. After you use your splitter, set the wood in full sun for at least four days so it has time to dry out.

Once dry, stack the wood in a shed or another protected area on your property. The storage space should protect the wood from rain and snow so it stays dry throughout the year. If you do not have a shed or dry overhang, cover the logs with a loose tarp that allows for air flow while eliminating moisture. No matter how you store the wood, keep it outside until you’re ready to use it. Even properly seasoned logs can house pests that will take up residence in your house.

Why Seasoning Matters

The more moisture logs contain, the harder it is to light a fire amongst them. If you rely on a wood stove or fireplace to heat your home, you need properly seasoned wood on hand so your space can get warm quickly. Though you may still be able to get green logs to burn, they won’t generate as much heat or light and may smoke up your home.

Let the team at SuperSplitter take the stress out of splitting wood. Their full line of high-quality electric log splitters will help you prepare cord after cord of wood for the winter with minimal effort. Learn more about their machines online and place your order today. If you have questions about which model is best for your needs, call (508) 427-5800.

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