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Truck Driving School Shares Some of the Challenges of Driving a Semi-Truck January 12, 2018

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Truck Driving School Shares Some of the Challenges of Driving a Semi-Truck, Columbia, Ohio

If you thought getting a regular license was difficult, imagine what it’s like if you’re trying to get certified for handling a massive semi-truck. Great Lakes Truck Driving School, the top truck driving school in Columbia Station, OH, explains some of the challenges associated with driving a semi-truck. 

Truck Driving School Lists 3 Challenges of Driving a Semi-Truck

1. Making A Right Turn At A Corner

What makes this maneuver tricky is that you will almost always have to occupy two lanes before the turn to make room for your trailer. You also have to go past the corner before making the turn. To prepare, engage your right turn signal and move to the lane beside the right-most. Check your right side mirror for any vehicles that might try to pass you, then make the turn, aiming at the middle of the road you’re turning to.

2. Braking

Semi trucks use air brakes, which are fail-safe but very different from hydraulic brakes. For starters, you’re required to inspect the air pressurization system before driving out. The manner in which you apply the brakes is also different. With air brakes, you have to apply pressure slowly, and you can’t pump it like you would with regular vehicles.

truck driving school3. Backing Up

This is probably the most difficult maneuver to perform on a semi truck. Since the trailer pivots as you turn, precise steering is necessary, which is why it takes a long time for some drivers to master it. The best thing you can do is focus your attention on the bottom of your steering wheel. As you back up, the trailer will turn in the same direction as the bottom of the steering wheel.

Get in touch with Great Lakes Truck Driving School if you need help learning how to drive a semi-truck. Their instructors have a wealth of industry experience, making them fully capable of offering class A and B CDL classes, along with transportation safety and heavy equipment training. Give them a call at (440) 236-3436 for inquiries, or visit their website to learn more about this trusted truck driving school.

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