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A Guide to Understanding Common Cat Behaviors January 12, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
A Guide to Understanding Common Cat Behaviors, Ewa, Hawaii

Cats are one of the most compassionate and interesting pets, but their emotions and needs aren’t always easy to discern. It’s important to understand your cat’s behavior, and the staff at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital in Waipahu, HI, want to provide valuable insight into how your cat is trying to communicate. This will ultimately help you better care for them and ensure all of their pet health needs are taken care of.


Although “meow” is the most common cat vocalization, there are many others they use to express their feelings. Meow can be many things, but more specific noises deserve attention. Purring can mean both that the cat is relaxed or that they’re uncomfortable. Any chirps are usually a request that you follow them, and hissing or growling traditionally represents anger. These emotions are all insight into pet health, so pay attention to what your cat is saying.

Body Language

pet-health-waipahu-waikele-pet-hospitalAlthough most cats seem reserved, their body language says quite a bit. Their tail, for example, expresses anger when the fur stands up, shows happiness when erect, and agitation when it whips back and forth. Positioning is similar—if your cat is lying on its back, it may be relaxed or angry depending on their vocalizations. Likewise, when their back is arched, they could be scared or be asking you to pet them. Pay close attention to these actions and the associated noises to better understand your cat’s emotions.


Whether it’s bringing you a dead rodent, scratching, or napping on random objects, your cat’s actions are always rooted in something. You’ll often find your cat snoozing in the strangest places and usually because they like to be warm. Likewise, they’re notorious for scratching random objects. This isn’t destructive—they’re actually handling their own pet health needs by removing dead nails. It’s also their way of marking turf. Most everything your cat does is for a reason, so take notice of each to understand their needs.

If you’re looking for more pet insight and animal care, turn to the staff at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital. They offer comprehensive pet health services, as well as after-hour emergency services to ensure your pets are healthy. Call (808) 671-7387 today to schedule a pet services exam and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their practice.

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