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Heating Oil Company Explains 3 Factors to Know About Oil Furnaces January 17, 2018

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Heating Oil Company Explains 3 Factors to Know About Oil Furnaces, Rochester, New York

If your furnace isn’t keeping you adequately warm this winter, you may be considering a replacement. Oil furnaces are one option people are turning to more and more. Local heating oil provider Monroe Oil Company in Rochester, NY, is an expert on oil furnaces, and they’ve put together some information to help you better understand them.

How an Oil Furnace Works

The thermostat on the furnace first senses the need for heat. The burner motor then pulls oil from the storage tank. Oil and air are combined and an ignition triggers a spark. Next, the heat exchanger is warmed, and the blower motor forces warm air through the ducts in the home.

Costs Involved

The cost of a new oil furnace and installation can range anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 and up. This varies on the size of the home; furnaces for smaller homes can run less, while larger dwellings can cost more. Heating oil prices can fluctuate greatly from year to year, but it’s estimated that the average home uses 800 gallons of heating oil per year, which can cost several thousand dollars.

Maintenance Required

heating oilIt’s important to have an annual tune-up done on your oil furnace to keep it running safe and efficiently, and to ensure peak air quality. A technician will check the fan belt and blower motor, and clean the burner muzzle. Maintenance you should perform on your own includes changing the air filter regularly, removing dust, and checking for black soot.

If you’d like more information on oil furnaces, Monroe Oil Company will help. They’ve been serving Rochester residents and businesses since 1901. In addition to heating oil, they also provide kerosene and diesel fuel. Monroe Oil Company offers competitive pricing, volume discounts, fast delivery, and there’s never an extra charge for same-day delivery. Give them a call at (585) 244-4080 or visit them online to see how they will help with your fuel needs.

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