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3 Shoe Care Products to Add to Your Footwear Maintenance Arsenal January 5, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
3 Shoe Care Products to Add to Your Footwear Maintenance Arsenal, Brighton, New York

If you purchase in high-quality shoes, you want to get the most out of your investment. To achieve such a feat, you need to properly maintain them by cleaning and polishing them regularly. You can also add a few shoe care products to your upkeep regimen to prolong the life and aesthetic appeal of your footwear.

3 Shoe Care Products You Need

1. Leather Conditioner

If you have leather shoes, conditioner is a must. The shoe care product softens the leather to combat cracking and discoloration as result of dryness, which is a common problem for hide-based products. Use the conditioner after you've gently cleaned away dirt and debris, and allow it to sit for a full day before wearing.

2. Shoe Tree

3 Shoe Care Products You Should Add to Your Footwear Maintenance Arsenal | Sofia Shoe Repair in Rochester, NYWhile conditioning and cleaning are vital to maintaining the appearance of your shoes, they will begin to lose their shape after heavy use. To combat this issue, invest in a shoe tree. Typically made from wood, this product will help your footwear hold its shape for a high-end, just-off-the-shelf finish. Put the trees in your shoes after you’re done wearing them and leave them in place until the next wear.

3. Water Repellent

A water repellent spray is another vital component of a footwear maintenance arsenal. The shoe care product is designed to provide your favorite pair with a protective coating that repels liquid and prevents stains. You should apply the treatment before you wear your shoes for the first time, and then re-treat them as needed based on how often you wear them. For daily use, a weekly coating will work best.


To get the best shoe care products available, visit Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY. Boasting over seven decades of experience, the locally owned and operated business is known throughout Monroe County keeping footwear in top condition. Learn more about their shoe repair services by visiting them online or calling (585) 244-5907.

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