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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Box Gutters January 4, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Box Gutters, Cincinnati, Ohio

Box gutters can make your home look polished while simultaneously keeping rain from dripping over the edges of your roof, but only if they are well-maintained. Here are three ways to extend the life of your box gutters and why it matters.

How to Extend Your Box Gutter’s Life

1. Keep Them Clean

Although a few leaves might not seem like a problem, they can cause water backup and swelling inside your gutters, creating problems like heavy ice accumulations and pooling water beneath shingles. To prevent these issues, always keep your gutters clean — focus on fall leaf removal and spring cleanup in particular.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

box guttersCopper and stainless-steel gutters are naturally weatherproof, but galvanized gutters should get a fresh coat of paint every three to five years. During your seasonal maintenance, check gutters for problems like chipped paint, staining, and scratches. If you do notice paint problems, consider giving the area a fresh coat of water-resistant paint made for outdoor metals.

3. Invest in Professional Repairs

Since box gutters are tasked with constant water removal, they may develop damage over time. When this happens, invest in professional repairs instead of trying to tackle problems alone. In addition to helping you match existing gutter colors and improve the flow of water, professional contractors can also help you keep records of maintenance dates and actions performed so you can keep your system in excellent condition.


It’s essential to have these care tips in your back pocket to avoid gutter and home damage. When you are ready to update your home’s exterior, contact Premier Tri-State Roofing in Cincinnati, OH. From box gutters and flashing to full roof replacements and copper details, this team of expert roofers can help you transform your home and improve your curb appeal. To find out more about their roofing and gutter services, visit them online or call (513) 251-4400.

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