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Will a Two-Stage Furnace Installation Lower Your Energy Bills? January 11, 2018

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Will a Two-Stage Furnace Installation Lower Your Energy Bills?, Fairfield, Pennsylvania

If you have to monitor your furnace usage in the winter and bundle up for warmth just to keep your energy bill reasonable, then you need to make a change. A more energy-efficient furnace installation will make your home much more enjoyable during the winter while helping both your wallet and the planet. The team at Tiptons Electric Heating and Air Conditioning in Cochranton, PA, can set you up with a two-stage furnace, which will lower your energy bills.

A Guide to Two-Stage Furnace Installation

Two-Stage Units Explained

The two-stage furnace is a more energy-efficient unit with a burner that can operate either on high or low. The heating system runs on the low stage for most of the day to keep the home comfortable without creating more heat than necessary, and the high stage kicks on in the morning when the home gets cooler to quickly warm the house. The thermostat will then regulate the temperature throughout the day, only kicking on the high stage when necessary.

Return on Investment

furnace repairTwo-stage furnaces require a higher up-front cost to install than standard furnaces, but those who live in cold-weather climates can expect to quickly get their money back. Get a furnace that also has a variable speed furnace blower, which adjusts the amount of heat blowing out of the vents to make the blower more energy-efficient as well. These systems will result in a much higher level of comfort and lower energy bills for the life of the furnace.

You deserve to be comfortable in your own home. Contact Tiptons Electric Heating and Air Conditioning at (814) 425-7083 to talk about a furnace installation that will be smart for your budget and needs. They’ll be happy to advise you and provide an estimate. They also offer other services to keep you comfortable year-round, such as furnace repair, mobile home heat pumps, and air conditioning repair.

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