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Lakewood Truck Dealer Explains What You Need to Know About ELDs January 11, 2018

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Lakewood Truck Dealer Explains What You Need to Know About ELDs, Lakewood, New Jersey

Of the many technologies that are changing the way trucks are used, there are few that have created a bigger stir than electronic logging devices, or ELDs. With government regulations now requiring that the majority of carriers install ELDs in their vehicles, understanding how these tools work is more important than ever. Below, the team at Metropolitan Truck Sales, a truck dealer in Lakewood, NJ, discusses these new features.

In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drafted a new rule requiring commercial trucks to use ELDs. Under the regulation, carriers who use logging software or paper logs must install ELDs by December 2017, while those using AOBRDs have until December 2019 to make the change.

Hino truckThese electronic hardware devices — which are certified by the Department of Transportation — are connected directly to the vehicle engine to automatically record driving hours, engine power status, driver identification, and other essential pieces of information. Data cannot be altered or erased, and it’s retained on the system for seven days. Driver records must be certified following each 24-hour period.

It may sound complex, but the goal of ELDs is to simplify reporting for drivers and inspectors alike. Drivers can view their status on a display screen, while logs can be printed for inspectors, streamlining safety compliance needs.

As a result of this regulation, each new Hino® truck is already ELD compliant, while carriers that aren’t ready to buy new rigs are rapidly retrofitting their vehicles. If your fleet isn’t ELD compliant, you can’t delay any longer — take care of this important task as soon as possible.

If you need a new, ELD compliant Hino truck, Metropolitan Truck Sales is your go-to truck dealer. In addition to offering compliant vehicles, their truck repair team can also install ELDs for your vehicle fleet. Their business-to-business service area covers Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties. To learn more about their inventory and services, visit the truck dealer online or call (732) 901-3100 today.

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