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Garden Center Staff Shares 3 Winter Care Tips for Houseplants February 12, 2018

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Garden Center Staff Shares 3 Winter Care Tips for Houseplants, Quaker City, Ohio

Although houseplants aren’t exposed to Ohio’s freezing outdoor conditions, they still need extra attention to get through winter unscathed. According to the staff at Sunnyside Greenhouse, a garden center and nursery based in Quaker City, adjusting the light source, potting materials, and watering schedule will keep indoor plants healthy throughout the season, ensuring they thrive once spring arrives. 

Garden Center Guide to Caring for Houseplants  

1. Ensure Plants Receive Ample Light

garden centerThere are fewer hours of daylight in winter, which means plants don’t get enough sunlight to kick-start photosynthesis and make food. To ensure your greens get the light needed to survive, place them on the windowsills during the day. Make sure their leaves don’t brush against the cold glass, as they could freeze. At night, and on overcast days, place plants under fluorescent lights. These are much brighter than many alternatives and produces less heat, meaning less risk of damage from exposure. 

2. Bring Humidity Back Into the Environment 

To keep interiors comfortable, people use furnaces and heaters more frequently during winter. Heating equipment pulls moisture from the air, which dry out houseplants. To combat these unwelcome conditions, install a humidifier and keep plants far from heat vents. Placing your greens in a naturally damp area, like the basement or laundry room, will also help them retain moisture. 

3. Don’t Overdo It With Watering

With dryer conditions, many home gardeners make the mistake of over-watering in winter. Most plants remain dormant throughout the season, which makes daily hydration unnecessary. Instead, place potted plants in gravel trays and fill them with water. As the liquid evaporates, it will bring enough moisture and humidity for them to stay healthy while they rest. When plants are watered, make sure the soil is completely dry

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