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3 Ways School Buses Have Evolved Over the Decades January 12, 2018

Mount Olive, Morris County
3 Ways School Buses Have Evolved Over the Decades, Mount Olive, New Jersey

Have you ever wondered why modern school buses look and function the way they do today? The fact is, current iterations are a far cry from the first versions developed in the olden days—especially since schools couldn’t rely on helpful school bus dealerships for assistance and repairs. To learn more about how these vehicles have evolved over the decades, consult the helpful guide below. 

The History of the School Bus

Higher-Capacity Seating

When schools were first organized and frequented on a large scale, people would rely on covered wagons called “kid hacks” to transport their children. Made without seating and protected from the elements by nothing more than a sheet of fabric, these older iterations weren’t comfortable and didn’t house many children safely. Conversely, modern options are designed to carry dozens of kids, allowing learning centers to attract more federal funding and offer better programs to students. 


truck dealershipWhen school buses were originally developed in the 1920s, there weren’t protocols dictating factors like construction and color. In fact, many early buses were actually retrofitted from other kinds of cars, which meant there were a variety of different body types and colors. However, in 1939, Dr. Frank W. Cyr organized a conference where 44 protocols were dictated, including the color, which is actually called “National School Bus Glossy Yellow.”

Incredible Safety Features

Although the bright yellow color made it easier for oncoming cars to spot students heading home, early buses lacked many of the safety features modern vehicles offer. These days, the options you’ll find at most school bus dealerships include reinforced wall panels, tempered glass, and lights that make it easier for drivers to direct surrounding traffic. 


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