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What Is a Prosthodontist? December 6, 2017

Geist Road, Fairbanks North Star
What Is a Prosthodontist?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Prosthodontists play a major role in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, yet not many people are aware what their job entails. These highly specialized dental experts work alongside your dentist to come up with restorative solutions for a healthy and long-lasting set of teeth. Read on to learn more about what these specialists do and how they help you attain a perfectly natural-looking smile.

How Is a Prosthodontist Different From a Dentist?

The field of prosthodontics revolves around creating prosthetic or artificial teeth that act as a functional replacement of the natural ones. A prosthodontist will study the unique construction of your gums, teeth, and face to come up with a replacement set that’s a personalized, perfect fit.

DentistThese specialists become proficient in oral reconstruction by following up their four-year basic dental degree with a postgraduate study in prosthodontics. Once they complete the required training and clinical hours, they are ready to lend their expertise in full-fledged restorative procedures.

What Services Do These Specialized Cosmetic Dentists Offer?

Prosthodontists offer a number of treatments to their patients, including:


Whether you need full or partial dentures, consult a prosthodontist. These dental care providers also deal with implants and can offer you the right solution for your oral health needs.


These porcelain tooth shells are designed to give your smile a brighter, healthier appearance. A prosthodontic expert will help match the veneers to your inherent enamel color and help you retain a perfectly natural-looking set of teeth.


Used in place of broken or damaged enamel, crowns help protect the roots from further impact. They typically comprise a metal or ceramic structure and are shaped to match the original tooth's dimensions.


This restorative option is specifically employed for those with a series of missing teeth between two healthy ones. A prosthodontist will suggest creating a bridge comprising multiple dental caps to cover the gap left behind.


Consulting the dentists at Ingersoll Family Dentistry can give you insight into how a prosthodontist can assist you. They have served clients throughout Fairbanks, AK, and the surrounding areas with highly skilled prosthodontic and dental reconstruction procedures for over 35 years. For further information about their services, call (907) 492-7955 or visit their website.

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