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Mooresville Plumber Shares 5 Items You Should Never Put Down the Drain December 5, 2017

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Mooresville Plumber Shares 5 Items You Should Never Put Down the Drain, Coddle Creek, North Carolina

Along with regular service from an experienced plumber, keeping your home’s plumbing in working order requires knowing what to avoid pouring down the drain. This can result in costly repairs if you aren’t careful. The plumbers at Butch Nantz Plumbing in Mooresville, NC, with more than five decades of experience, share what to not put down the drain. 

What Should Never Be Put Down the Drain

1. Grease

Most overflowing sewers result from grease being washed down the drain. Grease easily accumulates to create a stubborn clog, which then leads to many other issues. Fats and oils have a similar effect on the drain, so make sure they are disposed of correctly.

2. Paper Towels

Paper towels are designed to absorb a lot of liquid. As a result, they are hard to break down and clog pipes if they’re flushed down the toilet. 

3. Paint

plumberAvoid washing paint down the drain. Some municipalities have strict rules regarding paint disposal, and this includes both latex and oil-based paints. Even the smallest amount may be impermissible, so check before putting items, like paint brushes, in the sink.

4. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are extremely damaging to plumbing systems. Plumbers warn against flushing wipes, which accumulate in drains and cause massive clogs. Baby wipes have been known to cause millions of dollars in damages to city sewage systems, and can negatively affect heavy duty plumbing equipment.

5. Medications

There are usually strict guidelines imposed on the disposal of medications. Flushing them impacts local environments and potentially contaminates any groundwater supplies in the immediate area.  

From clogged drains to leaks, Butch Nantz Plumbing offers top-rate plumbing services at affordable prices. Learn more about receiving quality plumbing repair in Mooresville by calling (704) 664-9372. Check them out online for more great plumbing tips.

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