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What to Ask a Nutritionist When You Want to Improve Your Diet December 6, 2017

Kipling, Northeast Jefferson
What to Ask a Nutritionist When You Want to Improve Your Diet   , Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

If you’re striving for better weight management or a healthier lifestyle, a nutritionist can help you develop a dietary strategy to reach your goals. But adjusting the way you eat is hard, and it’s easy to get off-track. That’s why Fit MD encourages clients to learn all they can from their nutritionists. To help get your journey toward wellness off on the right foot, this weight loss clinic of Wheat Ridge, CO, highlights some of the best questions to ask your nutritionist.

Important Questions to Ask Your Nutritionist  

What’s My Target Calorie Intake?

Calories are necessary dietary components that fuel your body. However, when you eat more calories than you burn off during the day, you can experience weight gain. Figuring out the exact amount you should be eating can be difficult, as age, gender, activity level, health conditions, and current weight all play a role in determining this target number. Fortunately, your nutritionist can assess your lifestyle and goals to give you an ideal calorie intake level. 

nutritionistHow Can I Fill in Gaps in My Diet?

Weight management isn’t always about cutting foods out—it also involves achieving a more balanced diet. By observing your meal choices and patterns, a nutritional specialist will be able to pinpoint what types of foods and nutrients you should eat more often.  

How Will I Measure Progress?

Since strategies are adapted to individual needs of the client, nutritionists can track progress in many different ways. For example, if you are overeating at night, progress may be measured by how many days you eat a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other cases, you may track progress with realistic weight loss benchmarks.

What Are Healthy Alternatives to My Favorite Foods?

If you’re eating too much sugar, sodium, or red meat, it can be difficult to change your diet overnight to get things on track. The good news is that nutritionists know how to adjust ingredients so that you can still prepare your favorite meals without negatives. They can also give you pointers for finding the healthiest selections at the grocery store.  

If you want to explore how you can eat your way to a better you, Fit MD offers comprehensive nutritional counseling services to Wheat Ridge area residents. Their team of skilled nutritionists and dietitians will take time to get to know your needs and develop a custom plan that’s fine-tuned for personal fitness. Understanding that food isn’t the only factor that can contribute to excess pounds, this clinic also offers prescription weight loss treatments, blood testing for nutritional deficiencies, and hormone replacement therapy for women. You can learn more about these comprehensive services online, or call (602) 777-2636 to set up a consultation with a trusted specialist.

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