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What Is Water Damage & How Is Restoration Performed? December 5, 2017

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What Is Water Damage & How Is Restoration Performed?, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Water damage can occur for a number of reasons, including burst pipes, leaky gutters, and flooding. While the circumstances leading to water damage aren’t always entirely preventable, homeowners can control the way the damage is handled. By seeking out a team of reputable professionals to oversee water damage restoration, you can rest assured your home will soon be returned to its optimal condition. Let’s find out more about water damage and its restoration process.

A Complete Guide to Water Damage Restoration

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage isn’t something you can wipe up easily. After a home incurs a significant amount of water, the implications are far-reaching. Think of how a burst pipe might affect a home — not only will the immediate area surrounding the pipe become saturated, but all of the walls, flooring, furniture, and fixtures within the vicinity could be compromised.

water damage restorationLeft unaddressed, water damage can cause rotting wood, rusted metal, de-laminating of materials, and even mold development. Thus, it’s critically important for home or business owners to seek out professional restoration services as promptly as possible in the event of water damage.   

What Does Water Damage Restoration Entail?

The first step is to remove the water as quickly as possible. Emergency restoration professionals have tools like pumps and vacuums, which are used to rapidly remove water from the affected area. Then, the drying process will begin. Using tools like dehumidifiers and other specialized drying equipment, professionals will eradicate moisture from floor and walls over the course of days or weeks, depending on the severity of the damage.

After surfaces are dried, cleaning can begin to remove any mold or bacteria which may have developed as a result of the moisture. Professionals may also administer antimicrobial treatments to upholstery to inhibit mold development if needed. Finally, any areas damaged beyond repair will be replaced. In cases of severe flooding, for instance, drywall, flooring, ductwork, and HVAC components may need to be replaced.


If your home has recently sustained damage as a result of moisture and you’re seeking high-quality water damage restoration, look no further than Reliable Restorations in Northampton, PA. From home improvement projects to emergency restorations, this contractor tackles it all. Learn more about their broad range of services by visiting their website. Or, contact their team directly by calling (610) 972-2506.

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