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Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist December 12, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist, Ewa, Hawaii

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is an important milestone. However, it can be nerve-wracking if you’re unsure of what to expect. The pediatric dental team at the office of Ikeno Jason H, DDS, say being prepared can help ease the stress and ensure you and your child are comfortable throughout the visit. Located in Waipahu, HI, the premier dental office provides a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for children of all ages. They are here to discuss everything you need to know about your child’s first trip to the dentist.

When Is It Time to Schedule My Child’s First Dentist Appointment?

It’s best to schedule your child’s first appointment by their first birthday. You can also schedule it within six months after the first tooth erupts, which should be between the ages of one and two.

How Can I Find the Right Dentist?

dentistAfter researching a list of potential dentists in the area, it’s important to schedule initial tours of the offices. This allows you a chance to observe the environment and ask any questions you may have. It’s important to look for an office with a kid-friendly and caring atmosphere.

What Can I Expect From the First Visit?

During the first visit, the dentist will examine your child’s gums, jaw, and bit to look for any signs of decay or issues that could affect their teeth and speech development. They will also provide important information about your child’s oral hygiene and the teething process. It’s a good idea to bring a list of any questions you may want to ask the dentist.

When it’s finally time to schedule your child’s first appointment, contact the pediatric dentists at Ikeno Jason H, DDS, in Waipahu, HI, by calling (808) 676-1520. These dental care professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your child in a welcoming and safe environment. For more information about their full list of services, visit the website today.

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