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3 Tips for Choosing a Health Care Team to Manage Parkinson’s Disease November 30, 2017

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3 Tips for Choosing a Health Care Team to Manage Parkinson’s Disease, Marlborough, Connecticut

Nothing replaces an effective health care team, especially when managing conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Patients require an extensive and varied amount of care, but understanding all the specialists needed is overwhelming. The Volunteers at Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s in Windsor, CT, are committed to ensuring patients with Parkinson’s live comfortably and share some tips below for assembling a health care team.

How to Assemble a Parkinson’s Treatment Health Care Team

1. Begin With a Specialist

On top of a primary care physician, find a doctor that specializes in Parkinson’s disease. They provide the expertise to manage this complex condition, and most importantly, will help you pick the best way to fight it. There are many medications to choose from, and they’ll create a long-term plan to manage the condition.

2. Address Side Effects

parkinsons-connecticut-advocates-for-parkinsonsParkinson’s disease affects speech, mobility, and mood. Managing—and possibly recovering—from some of these is vital for a good quality of life. Speech therapists, dieticians, psychiatrists, and physical therapists all play an important role. Assess the side-effects and consult with your primary care specialist to determine which of these members is the best for you. 

3. Consider Needs at Home

The major side effect of Parkinson’s is mobility issues. If a loved one lives alone, this keeps them from accomplishing simple tasks. Hiring a caregiver or home care nurse is the best solution. They’ll be qualified for handling your loved one’s day-to-day health care needs and providing the assistance needed to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle at home.

Having a solid health care team is the first step in Parkinson’s treatment. The volunteers at Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s are dedicated to helping. Their primary goal is to optimize patients’ quality of life. Call (860) 266-6040 today to speak with their compassionate volunteers and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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