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When Is the Best Time for Splitting Wood? November 14, 2017

West Bridgewater, Plymouth
When Is the Best Time for Splitting Wood?, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

For many people, the hardest part about preparing their home for winter is splitting wood for the fireplace. While the process is labor-intensive, knowing when to tackle this task can make all the difference in getting ready for the cold weather. Below, learn when you should split firewood and what factors tell you it’s time.

Split Right After Cutting

Splitting WoodAll wood needs to dry before you can burn it. Otherwise, you’re left with plumes of smoke coming into your home anytime you light a fire. Splitting wood right after cutting the log ensures it has adequate time to dry before winter is in full swing. Typically, wood is easiest to split when it’s still green, as the fibers of the tree are more pliable and able to break apart. Once the wood dries, it becomes more challenging to split.

Split When There Are Bugs

Wood-boring insects are a major pain point for many New Englanders. They can quickly ruin an entire tree, leaving you with nothing to burn come winter. If you notice the signs of wood-boring insects on your property, such as downed trees and limbs, split your new wood immediately. The faster it dries out, the more unappetizing it will be to troublesome insects.

Split When There’s a Surprise Freeze

Fall weather is unpredictable, with freezing temperatures often following balmy afternoons. If you wake up to frost on the ground, plan on splitting wood. For most tree species, freezing conditions make the job easier, saving you both time and energy. For best results, use a log splitter to get the job done quickly.


Splitting wood can be a challenge, especially when you’re working with inferior tools. Instead of struggling with an ax, make the switch to a kinetic log splitter from SuperSplitter in West Bridgewater, MA. Learn more about their models online, and place your order today. Need help deciding which type is best for your space? Call (508) 427-5800 to discuss your current needs.

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