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Top Driving School Lists 3 Tips for Safe Seating & Positioning November 17, 2017

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Top Driving School Lists 3 Tips for Safe Seating & Positioning, Delta, Ohio

As a first-time student driver, you might spend days in driving school learning the proper positioning for maximum safety. Throughout each driving instruction course, you are taught the importance of body alignment, hand placement, and mirror adjustment—as they can make all the difference in your ability to see and react to situations on the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers forget what they learned during their driving school days and slip into poor habits, which increases the risk of an accident. Whether you’re a year out of driving school or graduated decades ago, a refresher course will ensure you and your car are in the perfect position for success. 

3 Important Tips for Safe Seating & Mirror Positions

1. Body Position 

Sit squarely in your seat, directly behind the steering wheel. Drivers should always keep both feet on the floor below them and square their shoulders with the dashboard. This position makes it easy to view all the mirrors, look over your shoulder for traffic in the blind spot, and react quickly to sudden danger. Drivers should adjust their steering wheel so there are only about 12 inches between the center of the wheel and their chest. 

2. Hand Placement 

driving schoolJust as it’s important to keep your body in the correct position while driving, your hands must be placed properly to maintain control of the vehicle. If the steering wheel were a clock, your left hand should sit at the 10 and your right at the two. This placement will allow you to turn the wheel purposefully and keep control of the car’s direction if the steering wheel shifts unexpectedly. 

3. Mirrors

The mirrors in and on your car are placed strategically to offer a complete view of your surroundings. The mirror inside the car should always be centered so you can see everything out of the back window without moving your head. The exterior mirrors on either side of the car should be angled so you can see the car behind you without straining your neck or turning around. 


With these tips, you can make the road a better place for everyone. If you need a refresher course on the safest driving techniques, get in touch with Key Driving School, Inc. in Delta, OH. Since 1993, they have provided driving courses to keep the roads safe and ease anxiety in new drivers. Visit them online or call (800) 952-3748 for more information about their services.

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