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How To Sell Your Watch November 3, 2017

Freehold, Monmouth County
How To Sell Your Watch, Freehold, New Jersey

Beyond the functionality of being able to tell time, wrist watches have remained as one of the few pieces of jewelry a man or women can wear on any occasion.  In pop culture, watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Phileppe, and Hublot resemble visions of wealth, power, and influence.  Since imagethese luxury time pieces are rare and collectible, they tend to appreciate in value over time when properly taken care of.  If you have a luxury watch considering how much it is worth, view our top 3 methods for selling your watch below.

1. Pawn Shops / Craigslist

This option is first because it is both the easiest option and the option where you will receive the least for your watch.  Pawn Shops and people on craigslist aren’t going to be able to offer you maximum value for your watch, no matter its true worth for many reasons.  Selling to a pawn shop or on craigslist eliminates any professionalism during the sale.  It often is not a fair negotiation and ends in the watch seller being low balled and taking their watch somewhere else.  Also, many stolen goods are bought and sold this way which makes another reason to avoid this method.  There are certain times when you might use this method for other items but when it comes to a valuable time piece you should avoid pawn shops and craigslist at all costs.

​​​​​​​2. eBay / Online Auctions

The next method is selling your watch online through eBay or another auction website.  The upside here is that you can have others fight over your watch and possibly fall into a bidding war which would sky rocket your payout.  However, people are often confused about what they will get when they select a ‘List Price’.   What we mean by this is most people do not get the full price they list their watch at.  Many times watch sellers will get dozens of messages from potential buyers trying to buy the watch at ½ of your listed price or even much less.  While online auctions such as eBay can end up being profitable in certain situations it usually end up being an more of an inconvenience and time consuming headache.

​​​​​​​3. Local Jewelry Shop / Watch Buyer

Our third and final method for selling your watch is last but certainly not least.  When you have a fine piece of jewelry such as a luxury watch you are looking to sell it only makes sense to treat it as such.  By going to your loimagecal jewelry shop or watch buyer you ensure a professional process and a fair offer for your watch.  In addition, these types of environments have experts behind the counter that can evaluate the true value of your watch and offer you a fair offer.  The best part is, like the team here  American Coins & Gold you will never be pressured to sell your watch after we appraise it.  Oh, and did we mention 100% cash payouts!?

Interested in seeing what your watch is worth?  Call (908) 575-9400 Today or Find A Location Near You!

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