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Georgetown Caterers Share 6 Tips for Clean Eating November 8, 2017

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Georgetown Caterers Share 6 Tips for Clean Eating, Georgetown, Kentucky

Clean eating is a growing trend. However, not everyone understands what exactly is involved in building better eating habits. Miss Stephanie’s Gourmet, a catering and meal planning service located in Georgetown, KY, specializes in healthy alternative catering packages for lunches, private events, and holidays. Below, they explain how you can improve your diet and eating habits.

Tips for Clean Eating From Catering Experts

Include High-Quality Proteins

High-quality proteins, such as beef, poultry, fish, milk, and yogurt, contain the amino acids your body needs to promote healthy muscle mass and weight. Include these proteins in your meals to satisfy your appetite and deliver those essential nutrients to your body.

Eat Clean Carbs for Your Metabolism

Carbs get a bad rap, but certain carbohydrates help speed up your metabolism, which facilitates the fat-burning process. Complex carbs are found in foods such as whole grains, beans, and vegetables.

Don't Leave Out Food Groups

If you want to eat clean, you need to get nutrients from a variety of sources. That means including different food groups such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meat. Clean dairy products, including organic milk and block cheese, are also viable.

Stay Away From Processed Foods

cateringProcessed foods can derail your clean eating goals. Minimize your additive, preservative, and hormone intake by staying away from products such as fast food, frozen dinners, and other overly processed dishes whenever possible.

Eat Regularly to Minimize Cravings

If you go a long time without eating, you could find yourself craving lots of junk food. Instead, eat regularly throughout the day to keep those desires at bay. Have a meal every three to four hours, and avoid eating one hour before bed.

Get Your Vitamins & Minerals

Your diet should be made up of various essential vitamins or minerals. Check the labels of your foods to ensure they include a fair amount of the nutrients your body needs most, including iron, calcium, and vitamin D. The daily recommended amount of zinc, for example, is 11 milligrams for men and 8 milligrams for women.

The catering team at Miss Stephanie’s Gourmet are experts in clean eating. They can help you design a meal plan and provide catering packages ranging from boxed lunches to cocktail parties. Call (859) 806-2526 to speak with a representative or visit them online to view their meal planning menu.

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