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4 Garden Center Tips to Prepare for Winter October 30, 2017

Quaker City, Guernsey
4 Garden Center Tips to Prepare for Winter, Quaker City, Ohio

As the cold months of winter approach, it’s important that you prepare your garden for the harsh elements to come. Most of this work includes covering up your coveted plants and flowers to protect them from the weather and animals. Sunnyside Greenhouse is a garden center located in Quaker City, OH; their caring and knowledgeable team provides some tips for safeguarding your space.

Garden Center Guide to Winterize Your Space

Wrap Tree Trunks

Wrapping the trunks of any thin-barked species of tree will help to prevent any damage when the sap freezes at nightfall, causing the bark to split. From about an inch below soil level, wrap the trunk in paper tree wrap until you reach the lowest branches. You can use duct tape to ensure it stays on and remove it when spring arrives.

Protect Shrubs & Trees

garden centerWrapping wire-mesh screening around your shrubs and trees will protect them from animals nipping around. You could have some beautiful foliage going into the winter and come out with nothing. This simple trick will help you avoid that.

Keep Plants Well Watered

Some foliage, such as evergreens, is more susceptible than others to drying out during the winter. Ensure they are well-watered prior to the temperature dropping so that they get through the harsh winter weather safely.

Mulch Beds

After the first hard freeze, put some mulch on your beds, such as woodchips or shredded leaves. Doing this will keep the soil temperature more even and prevent the plants’ removal from the ground.

Preparing your garden for winter will keep your foliage healthy come spring. These tips ensure you don’t lose some of the most valuable parts of your collection. In the meantime, if you need a garden center for hard goods, vegetables, or bedding plants, visit Sunnyside Greenhouse. They have been serving Guernsey County for over 20 years. For more information, call (740) 489-5046, or visit their website to learn more about their products.

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