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Exterminator Shares Top 3 Signs of a Spider Infestation November 6, 2017

McGehee, Desha
Exterminator Shares Top 3 Signs of a Spider Infestation , McGehee, Arkansas

Of all the different types of infestations your home can fall victim to—termites, ants, rodents, and beetles—spiders are arguably the most problematic. They are generally hard to find, and elusive even when you do spot them. If you notice an increasing amount in your house, the best course of action is to call an exterminator who can professionally handle the issue for you. But how can you tell if an infestation is present? To help you act quickly, the professionals at Delta Pest Control in Russellville, AR, share a few signs of this problem below. 

Top 3 Signs of a Spider Infestation

1. Cobwebs Everywhere

Cobwebs are the most surefire sign that spiders are establishing themselves in your home. Look for webs near windowsills, doors, and dark corners of the house. If you start to find webs cropping up in crevices all over the house, it might be time to call an exterminator. 

2. Dead Insects

exterminatorSpiders are expert insect-killers, and their webs are the perfect death trap. If you start noticing tiny, dead bugs around your house, it could mean they became trapped in a web. Spiders are often hard to spot, hiding inside walls and crevices most of the day. But if you start seeing dead bugs throughout your home, a spider infestation is likely to blame. 

3. Spider Bites

If you start noticing round, splotchy red marks on your body, they could be spider bites. Reach out to your doctor to confirm whether the marks are, in fact, from these insects. If they are, it’s a surefire sign that arachnids are running rampant in your home. 

As Arkansas's largest family-owned pest control business, Delta Pest Control is the state's most trusted name in extermination services. Their highly trained team uses the industry’s latest methods to eradicate mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and spiders. Visit the exterminator's website to learn about their residential pest services, and call them directly at (479) 968-8068 to schedule an appointment today. 


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