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4 Driving Assessment Factors to Determine if a Senior Should Have Their License October 25, 2017

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4 Driving Assessment Factors to Determine if a Senior Should Have Their License  , Delta, Ohio

It can be difficult to know when to encourage an elderly relative to stop driving. No matter how old they are, being told to give up their license is a hard truth to confront and can make them want to hold onto it longer than necessary. However, there is one way to help this discussion go smoothly. Key Driving School, Inc. in Delta, OH, has been supplying quality driving assessments for over 20 years. They understand the importance of convincing a loved one to turn in their driving rights and recommend bringing up the following ways to prove they’re not safe behind the wheel.

4 Driving Assessment Factors That Prove It’s Time to Give Up Your License

Increase in Traffic Tickets

If there’s been a recent increase in traffic tickets or warnings, then it’s time to start evaluating their ability to drive safely. Whether they’ve been unintentionally speeding or moving at a dangerously low speed, these tickets are usually a good indicator their driving isn’t what it used to be.

Unexpected Car Damage

driving assessmentTake a look at the car your loved one drives. If there are any new dents or dings, ask them where they came from. This could reveal their inability to gauge distances and should cause you to think about how safe they are while on the road.

Reluctance to Drive at Night

If your elderly relative begins to show a sudden desire to drive home while it’s still light out, don’t neglect to evaluate the reason why. It could be something as simple as failing eyesight or a nervousness that’s never been apparent before. Whatever the case may be, this is an issue that can’t be ignored.

Noticeable Behavior Change

While you might think you’re being paranoid about a loved one driving home by themselves, your suspicions may not be completely unfounded. Speak with your family and friends who also have close contact with your elderly relative and see if they’ve noticed a change in behavior. This could reveal a problem that needs to be addressed and will put your mind at ease about encouraging them to give up their license.

Whether you need additional training or are interested in getting a driving assessment for a family member, connect with the experts at Key Driving School, Inc. today. They specialize in teaching individuals of all ages and will be happy to offer any assistance you may require. Call (800) 952-3748 to speak directly with a driving instructor. Visit their website for additional information about this local driving school.

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