Kapoho Ahupua`a, Hawaii

Electricians Explain 3 Reasons to Install a Solar Battery in Your Home October 12, 2017

Kapoho Ahupua`a, Pahoa-Kalapana
Electricians Explain 3 Reasons to Install a Solar Battery in Your Home, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii

Finding a way to power your home while saving money on utility costs is every homeowner’s dream. Finally, there’s a solution: Solar batteries offer a way to store clean energy for your property instead of sending the extra power back into the electrical grid. The electricians of Always On Electric in Hilo, HI, list three reasons having a solar battery can benefit your home.

Should you install a solar battery for your home? Electricians explain three reasons why the answer is likely “yes”: 

  • electriciansStored Power: When you need more energy than your solar power system can produce, having a solar battery is a smart backup. Batteries will keep power on hand in case your system depletes. You can use your solar panels to their capacity and be confident that you will always have extra power if necessary. Your home will also have necessary power during seasons where less solar energy is being produced, such as in winter or during particularly rainy stretches.
  • Money Savings: Having a store of energy can keep your electrical bills down during peak hours. Electricity rates are usually highest during the late afternoon and evening hours. Instead of tapping into the electrical grid and getting charged costly hourly rates, you can use all the stored energy that accumulated during the early hours. This helps keep your utility bills more manageable.
  • Environmental Concerns: Investing in a solar battery is a green choice you can make to reduce your impact on the environment. Solar batteries are great in an outage when power grids are down. Instead of relying on a generator that produces emissions, tap into solar power, which is clean, renewable, and just as reliable until grid power is restored.

The electricians of Always On Electric rely on Blue Planet Energy Batteries to power their clients’ homes with reliable, green energy options. These solar batteries provide effective high-performance storage systems to keep your power on no matter what. Besides solar energy options, these licensed electricians provide electrical wiring and repair work as well as electrical inspections, ensuring your property is always running efficiently. Commercial customers on the Big Island can also depend on their complete electrical services. Give them a call at (808) 965-1596 or visit them online for more information.

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