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4 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Probate Lawyer September 12, 2017

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4 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Probate Lawyer , York, Nebraska

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is get tied up in a long, complicated, and expensive probate process while trying to ensure their assets are transferred properly. The best way to get through it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible is to hire a probate lawyer who will minimize delays and assist your family in making the right decisions. There is quite a bit at stake, so it’s important to choose the right legal counsel for your case.

Below are a few questions you should ask potential attorneys to help you determine who will provide the representation you need: 

What Experience Do You Have in Probate for Wills & Estates?

probate lawyerYou want to work with a lawyer who is specifically experienced in probate for wills and estate cases, as the laws surrounding this topic are rather complex. The more expertise they have, the more effective and efficient they will be in representing you.

What Services Do You Offer?

Find out what kind of services a probate lawyer offers, so you know what resources are available to you. There are a variety of possible tasks you’ll need taken care of, from filing estate tax returns to handling probate litigation in the courtroom.

What Is the Legal Process?

Getting a clear picture of what the probate process entails will give you a good idea of what to expect, including how long it might take to complete. Knowing an approximate timeframe will allow you to plan and budget accordingly.

What Issues Might Arise With My Case?

After a lawyer has initially reviewed your case, ask if they can identify any possible challenges. It’s valuable to discover this information in advance, but their answer will also show you how knowledgeable they are in the field.


The probate lawyer you select will make all the difference in how smoothly your loved one’s assets are handed down to the designated beneficiaries. The attorneys at Fillman Law Offices, LLC, provide the residents of York, NE, with specialized legal guidance in a variety of cases, including estate planning and probate law. Contact them at (402) 362-3618, or visit their website for a full list of practice areas.

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